ACTA / corporate finance assists owners in preparing their business for disposal and in managing the disposal process.

Initially, and if relevant, we will assess if a business is ready to be divested. This assessment may be conducted by benchmarking the company’s performance on relevant performance parameters, such as working capital, capital structure or other measures, vis-a-vis competitors.

If the owners’ expected proceeds may be improved by postponing the disposal process until after the implementation of value enhancing measures then we will propose such and assist in their implementation. Examples would improvement of working capital levels, capital structure or operational measures.

The actual disposal process is a multi-phased process. Initially, a documentation of the business and its activities will be developed along with relevant process documents. Similarly the value of the business will be assessed, buyers will be identified and due diligence efforts prepared. When preparations have been completed then contact will be made to prospective buyers targeting the best buyer.

We prepare and carry out the marketing of the business towards the prospective buyers, by developing perspectives on valuation and by preparing and conducting negotiations, and by preparing and coordinating due diligence efforts.